Domain Names Can Hold Intrinsic Value as Digital Assets

Ryan Maltbie, is the Founder of, a successful online business that focuses on the sale of BBQ grills and BBQ accessories. Ryan’s business has grown since it was founded in 2019. In fact, the company has grown so much, it was able to recently acquire the high value, category-defining domain name. currently forwards to

Pool Magazine recently interviewed Ryan to discuss the growth of his business. In addition to sharing business insights, the article discussed the value a great domain name brings to a business. One of the most important reasons for acquiring an asset like is because of its intrinsic value.

Here’s an excerpt from the article that expands on this:

“Lastly, domain names can also hold intrinsic value as digital assets that can appreciate over time. Just like real estate, premium domain names are finite resources, and acquiring one can be seen as a long-term investment. Brands are willing to pay top dollar for a domain they want because they see it as a valuable asset that can contribute to their overall brand equity and online presence, potentially resulting in higher sales and revenue in the future.”

Domain names have long been prized as valuable digital assets. Every domain name is unique, and they provide immense value to their owners and users. Great domain names can also drive revenue to a company’s bottom line.