Nikita Bier: Short Domain Name “Raised our Valuation Signficantly”

Entrepreneur Nikita Bier is a founder with two successful exits to Discord and Facebook. In a YouTube short video from two years ago, Bier shared his thoughts about whether or not it is worth it to have a “big time domain name.”

Notably, Bier commented about the strong signaling a high value domain name gives to investors. He further shared that one time in the past he did a fundraise with a 4 letter domain name, and he commented that “it raised our valuation significantly.”

A high value domain name – often a one word .com or short acronym .com – shows investors, partners, and customers that the business is serious about growing. If the founders have made what must have been a serious investment into their domain name and brand, they must be serious about succeeding.

Acquiring a valuable domain name in a startup’s infancy can be challenging, particularly for a boot-strapped startup without ample funding. Many domain registrants will offer buyers the opportunity to purchase a domain name with a payment plan. Others may exchange the use of an exceptional domain name in exchange for cash and equity. There are many types of mutually beneficial deals that can be done to allow a startup to secure their ideal domain name.

Perhaps doing so can raise the valuation of the business significantly, and the domain name becomes even more affordable.