Public Founder and CEO Jannick Malling Comments on Importance of Domain Name

Public is a fractional investing platform that has raised more than $300 million in funding, according to Crunchbase. Public can easily be found on its brand matching domain name. is easy for customers and prospects to remember, especially if they just learned about the company through one of its many television commercials like this:

Public wasn’t always easy to find, though. When it launched, customers had to navigate to the off-brand domain name. It was a less expensive alternative to, but it was the domain name where the company got its start.

Around 2019, the company made an important strategic decision. It acquired the high value domain name in a private transaction. The acquisition price was never shared publicly. Since then, the company has continued to grow.

We could speculate about why Public decided to make this huge acquisition, but we don’t need to do that. Public Co-Founder and Co-CEO Jannick Malling laid out the rationale for this acquisition on a Twitter post:

Many customers of started out on suboptimal domain names. It has been our privilege to work with founders and CEOs of companies of all sizes to help them secure an exceptional .com domain name for their business.