CEO: Domain Name “Lends Instant Credibility”

A company that was founded under the RehabPath brand recently unveiled an impactful new brand name. The startup is now known as, following the acquisition of this valuable domain name asset. assists people who are seeking to find treatment for mental health and substance abuse disorders. These people are seeking what the brand offers – recovery.

Following the rebrand, the company published a press release detailing the changes along with the reasons behind the changes.

Commenting about the brand and domain name, CEO Ben Camp cited its credibility and trust:

“ is an inclusive, memorable and optimistic name that lends instant credibility and trust to these efforts. When we were presented with the opportunity to purchase this domain name, I knew it would be a multiplier on the work our team is doing and the investments we’ve already made.”

Without knowing anything about the company, already sounds like an authoritative voice in the mental health and addiction treatment space. That was likely a big reason the company made a significant investment to acquire the asset and rebrand. In fact, the company stated that it “purchased and moved their product there for a total investment north of $1 million.”

I suspect this substantial investment will pay off for the company.