One Word .com Domain Names for Sale

At, we believe a domain name is a critical component to the success of a business. Having a resonating and authoritative domain name that is easy to recall can drive substantial revenue at a lower ongoing marketing cost. One word .com domain names make exceptional brand names. They are also used to support the most popular brands in the world.

Many of the world’s most valuable companies use a one word .com domain name. Industry dominating companies like Apple,, Shell, Amazon, Yeti, Chase, Visa, and many other popular brands use a dictionary .com domain name for their web presence. These legacy one word .com domain names have been registered for many years.

Some companies, such as Purple and Twitter, had to acquire their domain name after the company was launched in order to enhance their web presence. They bought one word domains to make it easier for customers to find them. Amazon recently bought for its Amazon Prime product, and Salesforce acquired,, and for various lines of business.

Put simply, a one word .com domain name makes it easier for a company’s website to be found and less likely that emails will be misdirected.

Whether your company is in a pre-revenue stage, a growing startup, an established brand looking for a superior domain name, or a company looking to rebrand, always has valuable one word .com domain names listed for sale.

The best time to buy a one word .com domain name was 25+ years ago. The next best time to buy one is right now.

Listed below are the 1 word .coms that are currently available to purchase via Click the domain name to open the inquiry form and start a conversation with the owner.

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