Why Buy a One Word .com Domain Name?

Many of the most famous brands in the world operate on valuable .com domain names. Some of these are dictionary word brand names that match the company’s product or service, and others have no relationship to what the company sells or does. Versatility is a big reason why one word .com domain names are valuable and highly coveted.

Some of the most famous brands in the world operate on one word .com domain names. A small sample of these popular, internationally recognized brands can be found in the list below:

  • Apple (Apple.com)
  • Fox (Fox.com)
  • Chase (Chase.com)
  • Amazon (Amazon.com)
  • Oracle (Oracle.com)
  • Visa (Visa.com)
  • Square (Square.com)
  • Stripe (Stripe.com)
  • Ford (Ford.com)
  • Intel (Intel.com)
  • Uber (Uber.com)
  • Sky (Sky.com)
  • Progressive (Progressive.com)

There are thousands of companies that have a dictionary word for a brand name that also own the matching dictionary .com domain name. Having a brand match domain name conveys a level of trust to customers and prospects. A long website name can make it difficult for customers and prospects to find the correct website, potentially leading to lost business.

A brand match domain name also makes it easy for sharing an email address. It is easy to say, “our email address is info at Embrace.com.” Having a longer domain name can lead to email confusion. It is more difficult to understand this exchange: “My email address is info@embracedomainnames.com – that’s I N F O at symbol E M B R A C E D O M A I N N A M E S dot com. Remember, there are two consecutive N’s between Domain and Names in my email address.”

A dictionary .com domain name used as a brand name gives a company flexibility in what products and services the company can offer. The companies listed above may be famous and well known for something specific, but they all operate in many different verticals and industries. Apple can offer thousands of product lines, and it is not limited by its branding.

A one word .com domain name is authoritative and can help build trust between the company and its customers. Many of the most popular and well-known companies in the world have a one word brand name, and they also own the matching .com domain name.