Flashpoint.com Domain Name Available for Sale

WELLESLEY, MASS. (Press Release) October 4, 2021

The high value Flashpoint.com domain name is now available for acquisition. Created 26 years ago in 1995, Flashpoint.com was recently listed for sale via Embrace.com, a marketplace specializing in the sale of high value .com domain names.

A meaningful one word .com domain name like Flashpoint.com is the most popular type of domain name right now,” said Elliot Silver, President of Top Notch Domains, LLC, the company that owns Flashpoint.com. “Flashpoint.com is an unforgettable domain name that can be used for virtually anything. Flashpoint.com connotes a critical moment of action or explosive potential that can be used by any business seeking to convey immediate opportunity or impact.

During the past several years, many dictionary word .com domain names have sold for substantial sums of money. Domain names like Voice.com, Exodus.com, Recursion.com, Mastermind.com, Inception.com, and hundreds of others have sold for six, seven, and even eight figures. One word .com domain names like Flashpoint.com are authoritative, are memorable, and can be turned into recognizable brand names.

Flashpoint.com is a one of a kind domain name asset that is in high demand. Once this domain name is sold, it will likely be unavailable to purchase at any time in the future.

To discuss a six figure acquisition of Flashpoint.com, submit your details via the Flashpoint.com offer form on Embrace.com. You can also submit an offer to buy Flashpoint.com via the DAN.com platform.


About Top Notch Domains, LLC and Embrace.com

Top Notch Domains, LLC is a domain name monetization and development company, and the company operates several popular websites. The company previously sold Accurate.com, Aquamarine.com, Cappuccino.com, Circulation.com, Customs.com, Guava.com, Milford.com, Philharmonic.com, Salts.com, Squads.com, Tourmaline.com, and dozens of other one word .coms. The company currently owns more than 35 one word .com domain names.

Embrace.com is a marketplace for valuable .com domain names that is owned by Top Notch Domains, LLC.